Who We Are
Nature Sculpted™ exists as  
an artistic cooperation  
between father, Jack, and  
eldest son, Mark, to create,  
exhibit, market and sell  
unique and one-of-a-kind  
sculpture depicting nature’s  
wildlife and western motifs.

Art Without Equal
The rarest and finest of our  
sculptures are one-of-a-
kind masterpieces brought  
forth into existence by the  
hands of our Master  
Sculptor. Each original  
image of nature’s wildlife is  
created through the medium  
of welded steel wire which  
is painstakingly laid down,  
with the heat of a torch in  
one hand and wire in the  
other hand, with line upon  
line of wire upon wire.  A  
steel skeleton of the subject  
is first produced, upon  
which is overlaid a mottled  
steel coat of hide, feathers  
or fur.
We believe that in order to create sculpture of the highest quality, prompting a desire for collectability, one must begin and end as we do with high quality, or even unique, production materials.  Of even greater importance than those high quality or unique production materials, in the interim period of that beginning to end, is a masterful transformation through the artfully skilled and professionally experienced guidance of an Artisan.  We are fortunate to have such an Artisan in residence; our Master Sculptor, Jack H. Price.
A majority of our fine works of art are presented as fully hand-crafted Bronze Sculptures, produced in high quality, collector preferred, silicon bronze.  Some of these are offered for sale as original and one-of-a-kind creations, while some of them are offered for sale in their unique presentation, and as individually and sequentially numbered, within a numerically small Limited Edition series of sculpture.
Working with tongs to move cricible of bronze.
Using long bar to lift lid on furnace smelting bronze.
Jack welding with torch and wire.
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Working crucible of bronze in the foundry.
Making "stick figure" of small eagle sculpture by commission.
Skeletal stage. About half-way through creation.
Adding covering to feathers on wings of sculpture.
We are available to make custom sculpture on a commission basis
You present the idea, we create the sculpture™ 
A sculpture for sale made from brass faucets depicting a cowboy on galloping horse with reins in one hand and lasso held high in the other.
         Just Ropin'
40cm x 17cm x 37cm
Reach of the Bald Eagle
71cm x 76cm x 119cm
Jack's award winning sculpture Reach of the Bald Eagle revealing portions of skeleton detailing thousands of metal weld points.
Eagle sculpture made of welded bailing wire dives from sky with wings swept back.
Removing lid from small foundry furnace.

Who We Are, What We Do

Father and Son Making and Selling Sculpture

Producing Sculptures For Over Fifty Years

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