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Just Ropin'
Bronze Sculpture For Sale

17 cm x 40 cm x 37 cm

Cowboy Roping From Horseback

Just Ropin’ displays fantastic details of implied movement, from the bouncing of the reins to the on-rushing wind throwing open the jacket of the cowboy as he is about to throw out his rope.  This sculpture, together with its wooden base, weighs 00 lbs, depending upon thickness of individual bronze casting and density of wood base.
One Hoof on The Ground

At any time during the complete sequence of movements experienced by a galloping horse, will it actually have only one hoof in contact with the ground?

The answer is,  Yes.  As was proven in 1872 by Eadweard Muybridge
(9 April 1830 - 8 May 1904) an early pioneer of motion picture projection of animal locomotion, the horse has not only a single hoof on the ground during the sequence, but continues on to raise that hoof to join along with the other three hooves beneath its belly to have all four hooves off of the ground at one point during the sequence.

We’re glad that Jack, our Master Sculptor, chose to memorialize the single hoof on the ground. The four-hooves-off-the-ground thing, being sort of circular in form and not readily amenable to hardwood mounting, would make a table-top-unfriendly display, as the horse and rider would keep falling over to one side.

Details of Creation

The original model for this bronze sculpture titled Just Ropin'  was created in the medium of wax by our Master Sculptor over a period of  six (6) weeks.  The wax creation was then utilized as the model for the silicone and plaster mold which would serve as the master mold for creation of intricately detailed wax models lost (Lost Wax) in the making of the Limited Edition series of twelve (12) bronze sculptures of Just Ropin'  made available for sale worldwide.

An explanation of the processes and procedures, as well as the skills necessary for, and the complexities involved in, creating our unique bronze sculptures from concept to gallery display, may be viewed at the Bronze Sculpture Process  section of our  Sculpting Processes  page.

Intentionally limiting the number of bronze sculptures to be produced to a small fixed number as we do with all of our Limited Edition bronze sculptures, rather than producing an unlimited or voluminous number, is designed to encourage collectability of the fine art piece as a rare work of art and is calculated to contribute to an increase in its value over time.
Cowboy roping from horseback.
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