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Nature Sculpted™ Statement on Conflict Minerals


Nature Sculpted™ is committed to conducting our business activities in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards.  This commitment is reflected in our Code of Business Conduct.  We are also committed to sourcing materials from suppliers that share our values, and we expect our suppliers to comply with our Third Party Code of Conduct - Doing Business with Nature Sculpted™.

Nature Sculpted™ is concerned that trade in certain minerals mined in regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries (“Covered Countries”) and metals refined from those minerals - tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold (“3TG”) -- may be contributing to human rights abuses.  In an effort to combat these abuses, Congress passed section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Position on the Use of 3TG

Although Nature Sculpted™ is not an issuer or within an issuer’s supply chain,  and therefore exempt from the reporting requirements of this law,  we have independently and voluntarily committed not to purchase 3TG from Covered Countries.  Nature Sculpted™ has developed comprehensive supply chain due diligence measures and internal controls for 3TG.  Nature Sculpted™ is committed to working with our suppliers to ensure that our purchased materials do not contain 3TG from a Covered Country.

Expectations for Suppliers

Supply raw materials that do not contribute to human rights abuses. Suppliers are expected to supply materials to Nature Sculpted™ that do not contribute to human rights abuses in the Covered Countries, which means: 1) any 3TG necessary to the functionality or production of materials must not directly or indirectly fund armed conflict in the Covered Countries or 2) any 3TG must be from recycled or scrap sources.

Provide responses to Nature Sculpted™.  Respond to due diligence requests from Nature Sculpted™ in a timely manner providing current and accurate information, updating as needed to ensure continuing accuracy.

Concerns regarding this policy or any potential violations of this policy may be reported through the Contact Us page of this website.
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